2014-2015 Television Season

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Just when it looked like it was winding down it's run, The Mentalist got renewed for a seventh season. CBS cancelled Intellegence, Hostages,Bad Teacher, Friends with Better Lives, and The Crazy Ones.

They ordered another NCIS spinoff, and a remake of The Odd Couple starring Mathew Perry, as well as shows starring Tea Leoni and a bunch of other people you will recognise from their other work.

I just fucking knew when I saw that NCIS episode with Scott Bacula, that it was a backdoor pilot.

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Trailers for some of NBC's new shows.

A to Z looks cute (and apparently has Katie Segal narrating?) but is also a little too much HIMYM.

Bad Judge could be good but I just see vaguely heartwarming mixed in there too much.

I have mixed feelings on Constantine. On one hand, it looks like they have something resembling a special effects budget and the world looks right. On the other, its reminding me a little too much of Supernatural right now which isn't necessarily bad but still shows that it looks like a formula.

Marry Me. I'm watching it just for the stars and the creator.

Mysteries of Laura is either going to be a runaway hit or get canceled halfway through the season.

State of Affairs has a good cast. It doesn't interest me but I'm not most people.

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