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I agree, the episodes I have seen are good.When I first saw the Monsterpiece skit I only caught the "David Finch" reference but after watching some I understood the log bit. Indiana certainly seems excited about the shows return. The Central library has put up a diorama dedicated to David Lynch and Twin Peaks.

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Thoughts on TWIN PEAKS:

Having just finished a half-rewatch (I'd only seen all of season one and a few episodes of season two during the original run) of the series I have to say that season one is eight episodes of brilliant quirky character studies where the plot is merely the engine that drives the characters meeting each other.

In season two, the focus quickly shifts to the plot and the show loses its footing immediately. Then, the plot conflict is resolved and the show doesn't regain its original magic.

It's hard to imagine another television show with such a shift in quality from season to season, but Twin Peaks might hold the record for greatest first season to worst second season of all time.

Season two is 22 episodes long. Three of them are great (hint: they all feature prominent guest spots from David Lynch himself), a few are okay and the rest are downright awful. In fact, the final episode of the series is nigh-unwatchable. Complete dreck.

The argument has been made about the rebirth of Twin Peaks wondering if they can go home again. my argument would be that they can't do any worse than season two.

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