Episode 851


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HA! I missed that in the edit, but it works. And yes! That is exactly the word I was searching for. Thanks!

I'm trying to experiment with The Show (e.g. more solo reviews, themed shows, Silver Linings, looking at these trailers), so I'm glad to hear the new features are being well received.

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Very glad to see the experimentation gene alive and well, Mike!  I know I always enjoy changing things up a little for the sake of variety.

That being said, previewing this year's comic book movies?!? That totally treads on my toes - I wish you could have forewarned me or got my blessing via email..... ;)

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Firstly at some point I thought Mike had started doing a Christian Slater impression but the realised I'd knocked my ipod to half speed.

Secondly in pt 2 because of the creepy music and Ian still buzzing slightly through one of your tracks it has a real 6th sense vibe, the minute voice at the edge of the recording being a lost soul who happens to join you for the review. Surprising because I always thought Ian preferred beer to spirits.

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