Episode 63: Elves


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I don't care if people do it myself. I just can't even with it all. I send feedback because I care about the podcast. Also because I like to occasionally rib Ian but even that I'll admit I overdid last year to the point where I was getting genuinely concerned if I was annoying him or seeming malicious which has never been my intent.

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You know, if the League of Tirades Feedbackers were to continue, I was probably gonna adopt a CM Punk style wrestling persona. That said, I'm probably gonna end the whole promo business as well. Granted, when/if it ever comes back, I will absolutely come back with this stuff in force. 

And now a pipe bomb parody is in my head..."Maybe I'll even go to A Cure for The Common Podcast...hey Kellen & Tom!" ;)

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You know, that'd be amazing. And for the record, I'm one of those guys who knows just enough about wrestling to know the basics, but I've never watched a match in my life. 

And that. I think it was a shoot? Punk did on that 2011 RAW when he fought Cena was what made me think, "Ok. Yeah. This guy's fucking great."

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It was a "worked shoot" as in, there was a lot of stuff in there that was genuine opinions, also he was a heel at the time, so that helped give a little needed "realistic" edge to what he was saying about why he was leaving after the Money in the Bank PPV.  But it was a pre-planned segment.

Also Cena wasn't fighting Punk, it was a tables match against R-Truth that Punk cost Cena the win in.

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Life's imitating art here, gentlemen, insofar as we're/you're all talking about wrestling, rather than the fine programming of these young go-getters James & Damien. If we could restrict further posts to the utter misery that is Elves, then balance will be restored to the forums.

Here endeth my Super-Modding for the month/year.

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