Worst Video Game Movie Ever

James D.

What is the single worst video game-based movie ever made?  

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You gotta respect SF, if only for the fact that it was Raul Julia's last film role and he was pretty much the only actor that did his character any justice.

My sister dragged me to see the second Tomb Raider (seriously, I'm not trying to protect my already low level of coolness) and it was a passable pop-corn flick which I forgot as soon as I left the cinema

God, the Mario movie! Did they ever fuck that up! At least the cast was respectable enough to make up for the writers destroying the Mario story.

I'll go for Mortal Kombat, because I just couldn't even try to be interested and did switch my TV off after 20 minutes.

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Null Vote: I seriously haven't seen more than ten minutes of any of those films.

You are the luckiest man I know. <_<

No, I just know crap when I see it. And by "see it" I mean the previews.

I wish I had your sticking power. I'm always drawn to a video game movie by a morbid curiosity, which ALWAYS disappoints! Luckily, I only take the opportunity if it presents itself!

Actually, I'm quite tempted to see Super Mario Brothers again to pinpoint WHY I hated it when it first came out. Only common sense is holding me back! :D

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1. Super Mario Brothers

2. Double Dragon

3. Tomb Raider

By the way, am I the only one that LIKED Street Fighter? :twitch:

I used to like it, until MJ explained to me how badly all the characters were BUTCHERED. :puke:

Oh I know damn well how bad all the characters were butchered. But looking at it strictly as an action movie, it was pretty good.

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But the Mario Brothers was the best TV show!! And remember that other show that had Mega Man in it? Dammit. Anyway, Resident Evil BLEW!

Yeah. In fact, the Zelda series was also made into a cartoon show, where Ganon was always bestial and Link was like a teenager, with the annoying catchphrase: "Well ex-cuse me, princess!"

Back on topic, if you can get away from the fact that the characters in SF have been horribly changed, parts of it are pretty good - Bison always had the best lines and Ryu & Ken were an entertaining enough double act. But it was still a bad movie on the whole.

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