Pac-Man to speak in next game


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Pac-Man’s Mouth Is No Longer Just for Chomping Pellets – The Beloved Video Game Icon Gets a Voice for his 25th Birthday!

SANTA CLARA, Calif., October 26, 2005-- Commemorating the 25th Anniversary of one of the most popular video game characters ever, Namco Hometek today announced it is giving Pac-Man the ultimate birthday present, a voice!  Until now, Pac-Man’s vocabulary consisted of two famous sounds – “wocka wocka,” but now he’s ready to break the silence and speak for the very first time in the upcoming video game Pac-Man World™ 3.  Developed by Blitz Games, Pac-Man World 3 is scheduled for release in November 2005, and will be available for the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system, Microsoft Xbox®, Nintendo GameCube™, PSP™ handheld entertainment system, Nintendo DS™ and PC.

“Pac-Man is unequivocally one of the video game industry’s most recognizable and adored characters.  Now that the round yellow guy with an appetite for pellets is turning twenty-five, we thought what better way to reward him than with a voice of his own?“ said Nobuhiro Kasahara, President and CEO of Namco Hometek Inc. “It will truly be a historical moment in video game history when gamers play Pac-Man World 3 and hear Pac-Man speak for the very first time.”

With his newly discovered voice, Pac-Man will talk throughout the new title; he will provide helpful back-story information, as well as interact with the other characters. For fans interested in a getting a sneak peek at how Pac-Man will sound with his new voice, a special introductory video to Pac-Man World 3 has been created, the focus of which is on Pac-Man’s 25th birthday celebration.     

Providing the voice for Pac-Man will be veteran voice actor, Martin Sherman, whose previous work includes “Gangs of New York,” “Band of Brothers,” “Sahara” and “Batman Begins.”

About Pac-Man World 3

In Pac-Man World 3, Pac-Man must save the world from evil genius Erwin, exploring varied environments and turning his old enemies into allies in the process. The title combines platformer elements with classic Pac-Man gameplay principles, and for the first time, players will be able to take on the roles of the ghosts Pinky and Clyde. Pac-Man favorites such as Pellets, Pac-Dots and fruit are in the game, as well as some new moves for everyone’s favorite yellow friend.

While this is big news for old school gamers such as myself, my problem with this press release is that whoever wrote it obviously doesn't recall the terrible Pac-Man cartoon. Pac-Man had a speaking role, and, if memory serves, he sound a little like Fred Flintstone.

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I remember laughing inwardly when I heard Mario's cod-Italian for the first time. I agree thoug; even when every IGN reviewer wants to hear it, I dread the day when I hear Link speak.



That is IMMEDIATELY what I thought of when I thought about Link speaking. *full body shiver* :puke:

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I have always liked having my own "ideals"

Me too, my favorite characters are the ones that have neither a voice or dialouge. I feel more like the main character than if they have a voice and everything they say is written down. Of course this is Pac-man and not an RPG hero, so we'll just hope they choose a good voice.

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