Thinking of changing my handle / name


Which one?  

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After you listen to the next episode of The Show you'll see why I'm thinking about this, but you don't really need to hear it to help me out here. Above I've listed eight potential names. Of those, which should I choose? Of course there's also the "other" and "don't change it" options just in case you have better ideas.

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Leave it as it is, for a long time on the oratory, it has been Master Yoda, for a long time on the earth-2 boards. It has been Master Yoda. When you recruited me to earth-2 last summer, it was Master Yoda, leave it as it is. I like it when people stand by their handles.

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I voted for Mike S. Honestly, it's because when I am referring to you in the third person, I think it sounds/looks better to say "Michael" or "Mike" instead of "Yoda". When I first joined the Oratory, my handle was "Jaymz IV" (my little tribute to James Hetfield who signs his name that way on autographs on occasion), but a few months after, I just went with "James" because it looks more professional.

Now, of course, I won't mind at all if you leave it as it is. It is something of a tradition from the 'Tory and here, after all. So, either "Mike S." or "leave it as is" is fine by me.

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