A conflict of interests?


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As listeners of The Show know, a while back I promised a column detailing my last outing to the local comic book shop (at least as a subscribing member with a pull list) and my decision to switch to DCBS, a mail-order service.

Of course I've yet to write said column. At first it was due to me wanting to receive my first order from DCBS. Then it turned into me wanting to wait for my first two orders. But now it runs deeper.

Now they sponsor The Show.

So, my question for all of you is this: is it a conflict of interest for me to write a pro-DCBS column? Would the column be seen as an objective piece of writing despite the partnership, or would it be seen as an advertisement?

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Thinking with the mentality of a new listener/reader, I can easily see them thinking of it as just an advertisement. Don't get me wrong--DCBS seems to be a great business and their sponsoring of the show is awesome. I just think writing that column at this point could backfire a bit.

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If the company, based on their own accords, deserves a positive review, I don't see it as a conflict of interest. Plenty of sites are sposered and run ads on the main pages for companies, but it doesn't mean they need to only refer to them positively. A company sponsers a show/website to get their name out there, so they are taking the risk that you will be honest about their level of service, both the good and the bad. Plus I'd like to think that most people are smart enough to differentiate a positive review and a shill.

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