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Nancy Cartwright

- Bart Simpson, Nelson Multz, Ralph Wiggim, Rod & Todd Flanders [The Simpsons]

- Rufus [Kim Possible]

- Chuckie [Rugrats; 2001-2004]

- Gloria [Ri¢hie Ri¢h]

Tara Strong

- Bubbles [Powerpuff Girls]

- Raven [Teen Titans]

- Batgirl [batman: Gotham Knights]

- Timmy Turner [Fairly OddParents]

- Dil [Rugrats; 1998-2004]

- Ember [Danny Phantom]

- lots of video game work, including Final Fantasy X & X-2, Jak 3, Killer 7, Ninja Gaiden, Psychonauts, X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse

Cree Summer

- Elmyra [Tiny Toon Adventures]

- Inspector Gadget [Penny; 1983-1984]

- Susie [Rugrats]

- Numbuh 5 [Codename: Kids Next Door]

- Foxxy Love [Drawn Together]

- Valerie Grey [Danny Phantom]

- Max Gibson [batman Beyond]

- Dulcy the Dragon [sonic the Hedgehog]

- Cleo [Clifford the Big Red Dog]

- lots of video game work, including Fantastic Four (2005), Final Fantasy X & X-2, Forgotten Realms: Baldur's Gate - Dark Alliance I & II, Lords of Everquest, Tony Hawk's American Wasteland

Lauren Tom

- Minh & Connie Souphanousinphone [King of the Hill]

- Amy Wong [Futurama]

- Gizmo and Jinx [Teen Titans]

- Dana Tan and Green Lantern [batman Beyond]

- Angela Chen [superman: The Animated Series]

- Numbuh 3 [Codename: Kids Next Door]

- Agent Lee [The Zeta Project]

Kari Wahlgren

- Robin Sena [Witch Hunter Robin]

- Scarlett O'Hara [steamboy]

- Lavie Head [Last Exile]

- Remi [Rave Master]

- Pacifica [scrapped Princess]

- Cher Degri [Wolf's Rain]

- Mika Asagi [Gungrave]

- Fuu [samurai Champloo]

- Nova [super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!]

- lots of video game work, including Darkwatch, Death by Degrees, Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly, Halo 2, The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction, Jade Empire, Shadow Hearts II, Star Ocean: Till the End of Time, Tales of Symphonia, Xenosaga Episode I & II

And I must give a major "thank you" to James for helping me with this one.

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To me (even though I helped put this poll together) it comes down to Cree Summer and Tara Strong, which is as hard a choice as they come.

Summer is worthy because she has perhaps the most recognizable voice in American cartoons over the last 20+ years and she is consistently great. And everyone knows Strong is worthy because her emotion, resume and range are damn near immeasureable.

I have to EVER-SO-SLIGHTLY give it to Summer with the utmost respect to Tara Strong, who is definitely one of the most talented voice actresses alive. Without Summer, how would I watch Elmyra Duff--one of the most beloved characters on Tiny Toons? Or little Susie from Rugrats? Or the raunchy Foxxy Love? Or the slick, sarcastic Numbah 5? I can't see any other actress portraying those characters as well as she did/does. (And that isn't to say another actress could do Strong's characters better, either. I'm not saying that at all.)

1.) Summer

1.1) Strong

3.) Wahlgren

4.) Tom

5.) Cartwright

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