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You're sort of proving my point there, K-Dubs.

I was referring to how the action scenes were shot, not the overall product. But why let my actual words get in the way of internet rivalry?!

"X may do this, but at least Y does this". That's pretty much what I was referring to.

And an internet rivalry suggests we're competing over something, which is hardly the case.

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Why would he expect Avengers to be different or daring than other blockbusters?

Personally, Pfister's done some fucking incredible work, but DKR is not something to brag about. It's easily the most jumbled and least consistent of Nolan's Bat-films and a lot of the problem has to do with visual continuity.

TDK was a piece of genius in that aspect. Shame it couldn't be carried through.

On the other hand, it's not like this guy's out tearing down the Avengers on a press run. He was in a classroom and likely asked about the film by a student. More power to him. You could learn from worse.

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