Best Episode: Justice League Season 1

James D.


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This is tough. Really tough. Season 1 set the stage for everything--Lantern's and Hawkgirl's romance, Grodd's mental powers, Luthor's cancer, etc. I'm leaning towards "The Savage Time", but "Injustice for All" was such an awesome homage to the Injustice Gang. Also, "Legends" was a very touching and sad episode.

Damn it. I can't choose in my own poll!!! :doh:

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I went with "Injustice for All". First off, it paired the Joker and Lex Luthor together again, which is always $$$. More importantly though, it showed just how valuable Batman is to the League, and how resourceful he is, without even throwing so much as a single punch. And also, when Batman was recuperating from Copperhead's bite, J'onn was able to hit on the insecurity he has being around six superpowered beings.

Second, by mere inches, is "The Savage Time" followed by "Legends" third.

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