Halloween smackdown


Halloween smackdown  

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Quoted from Bento's original thread:

In the spirit of halloween I propose a horror versus death-match! I tried to put this in the versus forum, but was having problems. k the contestants.

Freddy Kruger - pizza-faced bedtime bastard

Jason Voorhees - camp town killing goalie

Michael Myers - juggernaut psycho killer

Carrie - supernatural misunderstood prom-queen

Pinhead - crazy rubix cube pain giver

Leatherface - human-flesh mask murder

Chucky - doll

i don't know, let's just let this thing roll i guess.

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No way

- Carrie White: She might have telekinesis, or whatever, but she's human.

- Chucky: Jason would punt his head off.

- Leatherface: He could fuck up Michael a lot and Jason a little, but he'd be eviscerated by either Jason or Freddy pretty quickly.

- Michael Myers: Jason would rip him in two. Sorry MM fans, but it's true.

Stands an okay chance

- Pinhead: If memory serves, he can be talked out of killing people if more souls can be gotten elsewhere. So I can see Freddy promising Pinhead the souls of Carrie and Leatherface, which he delivers, before Freddy stabs Pinhead in the back. Literally.

It comes down to...

- Freddy Kruger: Can't die because he's already dead. Unless he pulled into the real world or faces off against a strong-willed adversary in The Dreaming, Freddy cannot be stopped.

- Jason Voorhees: The fucker will not die, because, like Freddy, he's already dead. His strength and mindless cruelty gives him the advantage. Whereas Freddy over thinks his murders, treating them as games and allowing teenagers to beat him in his own realm, Jason kills without hesitation and is generally only beaten after severe trauma to his body.

My vote goes to baby potato head.


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