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So I’ve recently started reading X-Factor and Deadpool and I’ve liked what I’ve read. It’s probably been the better part of a decade since I’ve picked up a comic book, and I’m wondering what other titles I should pick up. I’m open to pretty much any suggestion, so basically just fire away.

On that note, are there any recommended websites for ordering comic books internationally?

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I'm just starting out the whole Deadpool series myself after picking up Cable & Deadpool for a while. X-Factor is one of those aquired tastes that I know Master Yoda has been pushing hard, and I've recently really started to appreciate it myself.

Amazon's pretty cheap and tend to stock quite a lot of stuff, even if the rarer things take 3 weeks or so.

As for must buy comics? If you are just starting again its probably best you reaquire your taste for them before leaping into big continunity battles so I recommend the following three books from differing publishers-

Daredevil- From the start of the Marvel Knights run right up until now Daredevil has been one of if not the strongest overall book on the market. A consistantly greaat series of creators from Kevin Smith to modern comics supremo Brian Bendis and star writer Ed Brubaker. This whole storyline has been filled with hard-hitting drama, great action and incredible art by the best in the business. Its very gritty and totally worth it.

Invincible- The flagship superhero book from the publishers Image, Invincible mixes old school teen superhero stories with a modern (sometimes violent) sensibility. Written by my personnal favorite writer Robert Kirkman this is in my opinion one of the few truly indispensible superhero comics. Its way funnier than Daredevil but capable of some truly heartbreaking moments as well.

Green Arrow (Now Green Arrow/Black Canary)- Yes he might seem like DC comics low-rent robin hood but Green Arrow is one of the best written comic book characters today. Like the modern Daredevil run this was started by Kevin Smith who was succeeded by Brad Meltzer. The current and most long-term writer is Judd Winick. Arrow's tale charts his return from death and his attempts to rebuild his beloved Star City. He's a socialist billionaire, a womaniser and he has a self-destructive streak a mile wide. He has a very interesting relationship with the rest of the Justice League, being the second most visible un-powered hero in the DC universe. In particular he is a man of the the people representing them to his colleagues who have the powers of Gods.

Each of these has a good run of trade paperbacks behind them so if you like the first ones there are plenty more. Honestly there are books I enjoy just as much as these but my appreciation often stems from my understanding the history of the characters.

By the way if you want a really freakin' good zombie book the Walking Dead (Image & Kirkman like Invincible) is one of the best series out there.

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As much as I love X-Factor, I must admit that Stavros is right: it's an acquired taste. That said, I'm glad more people are at least trying it.

Ultimate Spider-Man is a fun action / drama / comedy comic with a teenage Peter Parker. The dialog is sharp, the action is wild, the characters are fresh and nothing / no one is safe. The most recent issue is #115, but that's also the fourth part in a storyline, so you might want to buy #112-115 to get the complete "Death of a Goblin" story to date. From there, start with the first trade paperback (there are currently 18) and work your way forward.

Robin's another great book if you're looking for teenage superhero drama. I mean, here's the adopted son of Bruce Wayne trying to live a normal life (RE: high school, girls), but being part of the Bat-family really messes with his non-superhero aspiration. Start with issue #159, which came out earlier this year. That single issue clearly outlines the Batman / Robin dynamic: basically, Robin's on a date and Batman wants him to leave it to stop a criminal. The outcome isn't what you'd expect.

Captain America is, for my money, the best comic book on the market today. Since the series was relaunched in 2005, writer Ed Brubaker has seemingly done the impossible: he's written a compelling Captain America. It's an action comic filled with global politics and drama, but it also has hints of noir, science fiction and there's a love story peppered throughout the book. That said, the story is very interlocked. New readers might find themselves confused at first. If you're going to jump into the story, grab #31. That's the most recent issue. If you like it and want to read the stories leading up to this point, buy:

- Captain America: Winter Soldier, volume one (collects issues #1-7)

- Captain America: Winter Soldier, volume two (collects issues #8-9, 11-14)

- Captain America: Red Menace, volume one (collects issues #15-17, 65th Anniversary Special)

- Captain America: Red Menace, volume two (collects issues #18-21)

- Captain America: Civil War (collects issues #22-24, Winter Soldier: Winter Kills)

- Captain America: The Death of Captain America, volume one (collects issues #25-30; due out in November)

Or buy:

- Captain America by Ed Brubaker Omnibus, volume one (collects #1-25, 65th Anniversary Special and Winter Soldier: Winter Kills)

- Captain America: The Death of Captain America, volume one (collects issues #25-30; due out in November)

Like Captain America, Daredevil is currently being written by Ed Brubaker. More than anything else, Daredevil is a noir comic about an urban avenger who's always on the brink of destruction. Matt Murdock / Daredevil is the tightly wound neighbor you know is going to snap one day, but, here, the joy is watching Matt push past the angst and his self-destructive moments. Start with the recently released Daredevil #100 and 101, those are the first two parts of the newest storyline: "Without Fear."

Green Arrow / Black Canary is my new favorite DC series. To see why, read my review of the Green Arrow / Black Canary Wedding Special. Despite my personal nitpicks, it's an awesome book. That special led into a new Green Arrow / Black Canary ongoing series; to date only one issue has been released, so this is the perfect time to jump on the GA / BC bandwagon. Start with the Wedding Special (not the Wedding Planner), then grab Green Arrow / Black Canary #1 and enjoy!

Both New Avengers and Mighty Avengers are fun superhero action comics, but they're very different. New Avengers is mostly about examining the characters, with a heavy focus on dialog. Mighty Avengers is more about smashing stuff, with a heavy focus on dialog. For New Avengers, grab issue #32-35. Those will catch you up with the current storyline, and will give you a pretty clear indication of where the Marvel Universe is headed for the next year. Mighty Avengers is brand new, so there are only five books. That said, those five books might be hard to find. Buy 'em if you see 'em.

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I will admit that I buy and geatly enjoy every series Yoda just named. The only reason I didn't list them is that aside from USM they are quite involved in the big events of the company and in many ways dependant on your prior knowlage of stories that might not have played out in those comics. That being said they are certainly book you should consider, its just that Tim Drake is a character with a lot of backstory that I'd suggest you make sure you understand before picking up Robin. Likewise the events of Civil war dominate Captain America and both New and Mighty Avengers.

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While I'll agree that reading Civil War is paramount to understanding New and Mighty Avengers, I don't feel that way about Captain America. As long as you know that there was a superhero civil war and that Captain America went to jail afterwards (for opposing the government's Superhuman Registration Act), you're good to go.

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My favourite book is Fables, and has been for some time. After about 65 issues it's probably unwise for a new reader to jump on as it is, but I highly reccomend any collections of the earlier issues. Otherwise, there's the spin-off Jack Of Fables which is much easier to get into and it's full of snarky humour.

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My favourite book is Fables, and has been for some time. After about 65 issues it's probably unwise for a new reader to jump on as it is, but I highly reccomend any collections of the earlier issues. Otherwise, there's the spin-off Jack Of Fables which is much easier to get into and it's full of snarky humour.

I have to say that I don't like Fables. It took me 50 or so issues to figure that out so I think they've been treadiong water for some time now. The early stuff is fun but loses steam by about 20 issues later.

I'll echo sentiments on Cap, Daredevil, Walking Dead and Mighty Avengers. I think Savage Dragon is one of the most consistently fun books on the market. Johns is doing some great stuf with the Sinestro Corps War over in the GL books as of late but maybe pick up the trades on that one (because I think they exclude the villain oneshots which kind of make you feel like you're paying to be bludgeoned over the head with a steel pipe full of cottage cheese).

Issue 50 is a good jumping on point and a return to form for the Teen Titans which has been wallowing in shite since Johns left.

All-Star Superman is the best comic book being made today period.

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Well, thanks to all the time spent surfing Wikipedia whenever I get bored, I’m fairly up to date with both the Marvel and DC universes. I’ll definitely be considering some of these suggestions. I wouldn’t worry about calling X-Factor an aquired taste either, as I’m already a fan of what I’ve read so far.

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Greetings all......first post.

I was lucky enough to get some time off last week (t-giving break and all) and had the chance to stop by a comic shop.

Was able to pick up the first 15 issues of Wolverine from his '88 series.

I'm a bit out of the loop as it were to newer stuff so I have a habit of sticking to older stuff and I lucked out that day, snagged them all for $20.

The series was fantastic and jumped off right where they left him off at the end of the events of his run in Marvel Comics Presents........Logan is in Mardipoor under the guise of 'Patch'.......the world believes the X-Men to be dead and that's a misconception he wants to protect.

Chris Claremont knocks out the first 8 issues or so before handing the reigns to a more than capable Peter David...but what really gives this early run so much polish is the artwork of John Buscema.

I had this when it came out and I remember buying every new issue.....nearly 20 years later and it still holds up.

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What's going on Yoda........I happened upon one of your posts on the board and I thought 'Hey.......I like comic books...'

And voila.....I'm here.

Thanks for the welcome Dread......I'm looking forward to giving the show a listen.......

Speaking of great covers......this is yet another of the HUNDREDS of reasons John Buscema is my favorite artist.......


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A bit of an update, I’ve also started reading Captain America, Daredevil and the Detective Comics Batman.

all rather consistently great books.

these are my suggestions



Umbrella Academy


Atomic Robo

Grant Morrison's Batman

All Star Batman & Robin: The Boy Wonder

Tales Of The TMNT

The All-New Atom

i'll also second All Star Superman, Invincible, The Walking Dead, Criminal, Fables, and Robin.

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