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You have just opened the gates to Shangra-la, my friend. The most holy of grails that of which only a few have dared to dream, but spent a lifetime to reach.

It is gaming perfection.

Oh yeah, you probably want to know about the game itself. There's not so much "branching" storylines, as there's a point in the game in which you have the option of tying up a lot of loose ends through side quests, and the decisions you make in the game effect the ending you get, obviously. There are 13 different endings in all. There's a crap load of cool easter eggs, and the replay value is through the roof due to the New Game+ feature, which allows you to replay through the game with all of the levels and abilities that you had when you beat the game.

First play through should take you around 50 hours or so, if you're looking to get one of the good endings. The best ending takes around 100 hours or more and at least two full playthroughs.

The other game on the collection, Final Fantasy 4, is very good as well, but it's a completely different beast.

Also, a note to anyone looking to get my attention. Just title a thread with the C word and I come running. It's like the Dubs Signal.

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D.W. will go into far more depth than me, but I can say this, it's an amazing game, that for my money is one of the greatest games ever made. The story is great, without being overly complex, althouhg it may be shorter than some RPG's, the multiple endings offer a great replay value. The battle system, at the time, was innovative and fun.

It's a shame that time and time again Square has said that after Chrono Cross, there is no interest to return to the Chrono series.

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If you only ran through the game once, it would be a few steps behind the game I consider to be the best RPG that I've played, Final Fantasy VI. (VII, VIII, IX and XII just haven't done it for me the way VI did.) Classic 16-bit gaming, and it holds up well today.

The "new game plus" option is just awesome, though, and makes the game. There are few things in gaming to match the smug satisfaction of getting to that boss who was a major pain in the side the first time around and obliterating him with an end-of-game party. It's also one of the things I really like about Resident Evil 4.

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Major bump, I know, but I wanted to say two things:

01. I never played the PSOne version I bought, mostly because I don't have time to play console games these days. <_<

02. However, I do have time for handheld gaming, so I just ordered Chrono Trigger for the DS. Is this a direct port of the original, or is it a whole new game?

Update soon... I hope.

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At first this game wasn't impressing me. Oh, don't get me wrong, I was liking it, but I didn't get the "Chrono Trigger is the best game ever" love. Then my character was arrested and charged with a crime he didn't commit (RE: kidnapping), and that's when I officially fell in love with it!

Why, you ask? Because every little thing I had done up 'til that point came back to haunt me:

- I ate an old man's lunch, so the jury saw me as a thief.

- After accidentally knocking over the princess, I retrieved her lost pendant. But I did it before asking if she was okay. So the jury saw me as being after her money. Which means I might have been after a ransom.

- Worst of all, I tugged on her arm. When I did so, the princess yelled, "Hey, don't drag me away like a kidnapper!"

Though my tugging was innocent, that one line sealed my fate! The jury saw me as a miscreant, and I was found guilty of the bogus crime. But had I not done those things, all of which were optional, I probably would have been found not guilty. From now on, I realize, I have to be very careful of every action, and now I see the huge amount of replay value in this game. Next time I go through I'll have to make sure I don't make the same mistakes, if only to see how things play out.

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Yeah, that scene is just beautiful. My favorite is the stained glass in the beginning.

I love how that sets the mood for the rest of the game though. How every action has consequences to it. A lot of the more important decisions (i.e. ones that effect endings or your party) don't come until much later.

If you don't do any of those things and you help the girl find her dog

then they come back to testify for you, and you're found not guilty, but still thrown in jail via shadiness

Every play through I find myself spending a lot of time at the fair. I actually had a trick to fix the races so the guy I bet on won 75 percent of the time.

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No, it won't effect anything. Aaron's right about the treasure chests, though. Your best bet is to open them in the future, then go back in the past and open them again. Later in the game, when you get to finally open all the sealed chests, you should open them in the past, but don't take the item. When you go to it in the future, it will be something even better.

Though while you're in 65,000,000 BC, go to the hunting range and wait for it to rain. There is a blue creature known as the Nu there, and if you beat him, you get a ton of Tech Points.

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Ultimately, it doesn't matter what you do leading up to the trial - you are put in jail pending execution in three days regardless of being found guilty or not.

When you reach the end, there are lots of awesome optional things to do that tie up loose ends in the storyline, and all of the endings are really cool.

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