20 Best Movie Scores


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Here is a new poll by me. I chose to give the list 20 because when I was trying to choose, I couldn't even think of just 10 best. I know it's a stretch, but try to limit it to one film in a series(for instants the Spider-Man films had Danny Elfman and Christopher Young, try not to list Spider-Man and Spider-Man 3, unless you truly feel that way), exceptions are like Batman and Batman Begins are two different series.Also try to limit it to "Score Only" if you wanna add a top 10 themes with spoken lyrics than feel free. I'll go first:

20. Saw Theme-Charlie Clouser

19. The E. T: Extra Terrestrial Theme(when they are flying over moon)-John Williams

18. The Simpsons Theme-Danny Elfman

17. Edward Scissorhands theme-Danny Elfman

16. Swan Lake(Dracula 1931 opening theme, also appeared in the 1931 The Mummy opening)-Tchaikovsky

15. The Lonely Man theme(from the Incredible Hulk TV Series)-Joe Harnell

14. Batman theme-Danny Elfman

13. Spider-Man Series-Danny Elfman

12. Batman: The Animated Series-Danny Elfman(The Mask of the Phantasm is just as good)

11. Robocop theme-Basil Poledouris

10. Batman Begins Theme-Howard Zimmer

9. Jaws-John Williams

8. Superman-John Williams

7. Scarface Theme(1983 version)- Giorgio Moroder

6. Terminator Theme-Brad Fiedel

5. Going the Distance(Rock final fight theme)-Bill Conti(NOTE: his running theme has the lyrics"Gonna Fly Now")

4. Back to the Future Theme-Alan Silvestri

3. Indiana Jones Theme-John Williams

2. Raging Bull theme(couldn't find the name of the composer, but during the credits while LaMotta is there, we hear a famous Italian Score)

1. The Godfather Theme-Nino Rota & Carmine Coppola(I'm Sicilan, so I love these type of themes)

For the hell of it I'll do a top ten theme with Spoken words:

10. Simple Minds-Don't You(Forget About Me) for The Breakfast Club

9. Yello-Oh Yeah for Ferris Bueller's Day Off

8. Ray Parker Jr-Ghostbusters for The Ghostbusters Series

7. LA CAPRICIEUSE OPUS 17-Itzhak Perlman for Schindler's List(it's in a foeign language, I believe Jewish)

6. Huey Lewis and the News-Power of Love for the Back to the Future series

5. The Pulp Fiction opening theme(I forget what it's called and who does it, but it does feature lyrics)

4. Moby-Extreme Ways for the Bourne Trilogy

3. The Knight Rider Theme-Although, it is driven as a Score Theme it features the speech given to David in the pilot

2. Thundercats Theme featuring audio from the character Lion-El(it's from my childhood, don't hate)

1. Rocky Training Theme by Bill Conti-Gonna Fly Now(Survivor's "Eye of the Tiger" was close, but isn't as good)

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