Episode 187


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Ian Wilson looks back at the comic book movies of 2007, and then looks forward to what's forthcoming in 2008. Before that, however, Mike lets loose the strangest rant yet, Jenny mourns her puppy-less household and Mike confirms that plans have been set in motion for episode 200. [ 1:02:01 || 28.3 MB ]

The above is from: http://www.earth-2.net/theshow/episodes/e2ts_187.mp3

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This may have been your finest segment yet, Ian. You've got the perfect "radio voice" (for want of a better term). I could just picture you as a DJ or a talk show host. :happy:

Funny you should mention that - I spent 3 years at my student radio station at university! In fact, some of the earliest CR segments (back before CR had a name!!) were recorded in the production studio there! Whilst I've looked into it, a career in radio is both INCREDIBLY hard to get into, and unless you rise to the top as an on-air presenter, the pay is rather horrible!

Speaking of audio stuff - if my lappy decides to work when I wake up, I can complete a labour of love of mine that I've been working on this past week for WFP #20. Then I can get on with some damn writing! As fun as audio production is, it takes a while. Then again, James will hold the high-ground over me on that as video-making must be even harder.

As for the reference, a Canadian with a podcast on horror could be ANYONE!!!

..........nah, it was a Des shout-out. The guy played 'Dracula's Wedding' by Outkast on Dread Media - that alone deserves regular praise!

Many thanks for the feedback, chaps!

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