Episode 191


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That's only an hour away from where I live. Did I hear you might not be going, Mike?!? :devil:

Liked the show muchly - the only Danny Boyle film I've managed to see was 'The Beach' and it's rubbish. More the fault of the source material, I reckon, but even so, for some reason I've never been too bothered to watch his other stuff, even though I know it's mostly all well-received. The only good thing about The Beach is that it took DiCaprio's interest away from American Psycho - he temporarily replaced Bale for the role of Patrick Bateman, and my Bale-fanboyism aside, I reckon he wouldn't have been as good.

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Mike, I really enjoy these shows and earth-2 is a great website. That being said I got very fustrated during this show by your inability to let go of the whole "driven insane by the sun" premise and the fact that Jenny didn't see the link as clearly as you. I'm not going to side with either of you, I havn't seen the film, but I will say that I fast-forwarded some stuff towards the end because I was just annoyed having to listen to the same exact point over and over. This isn't meant as a jab at anyone, its constructive criticism. You need to let some things go. Revisit them at the end of it all by all means but repeating the argument over and over took up a lot of time and added nothing to the show. Sometimes people disagree and you won't understand why. You can't change that.

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