Episode 197


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I won't be getting to listen at least until Mike updates iTunes later today.

Congrats to everyone. This is a fucking great site. The best geek culture site on the internet, the only geek culture site on the internet for which I would ever read a video game review, and the only geek culture site on the internet for which I would download and watch an anime-based music video and the most civil message board in all the intarwubs.

Everyone who is on E2 in any fashion wins! That is the sunniest I will be all year.

And no, this isn't an acceptance speech...if I didn't win I'll be pissed :laugh:

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I couldn't resist listening to it at work and I just want to say I'm honored. Thanks everybody who voted for me and congrats to everyone else. James didn't read my comments about Mike on Contributor of the Year but I feel compelled to say that Dread Media, let alone the entirety of Earth-2.net would be absolutely nothing without him. My hat be tipped!

If you thought this year was a lot of work...

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Even if I went away empty-handed this year, I honestly feel more honoured by the on-air feedback for my writing. Last year, I got awards for my contributions, but mere laughter and talk of my voice's ability to "wetten panties". So on the whole, I haven't had cause to complain on either year!!

Congrats to all the winners. I am legit surprised that WFP8 didn't make the top 3 though - I thought everyone preferred bad reviews to good ones (although I don't begrudge either Mask of the Phantasm or the Demon's Quest of their positions as both episodes were fantastic). Also glad to see WFP3 get recognition because it was so nicely balanced in terms of content.

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I just now got around to listening to this and I'm turning all shades of red listening to the video game review section. Thanks a bunch for all of the high praise, guys, I'm just glad to still have an outlet for my writing. :blush:

Congrats to all of the winners, and here's to another great year on the main page!

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