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Ever wonder why my ish isn't on Earth-2.net weekly? Well, I've recently launched an excuse for where my writing energies go! Sloth Town is Blogspot's answer to Dread Media in that it's updated weekly on Mondays. But it isn't specifically about horror. Or audio. Or award-eligible. I guess that wasn't a very good analogy...

Either way, it's me writing about non-Comic Book Movies stuff. Some of it (like my most recent post) will feature references that may whizz over the heads of non British residents, but hopefully that won't put you off. Plus the first post shills Earth-2.net, so I feel this site now owes it a look!! :happy:

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<cough!> Link in sig <cough!>

Des is better than half of the people on the internet by the way.

You just got sigged!

Of course, that means he's barely above average. :ph34r:

<3, Des.

Watch yourself Deaux! Part of my winnings as contributor of the year are the powers to have one person tied to a chair for an entire year watching Death of the Batman...

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