A Casual TV Fan's Guide: The Suggestion Thread


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Use this thread to suggest shows Dan should cover in A Casual TV Fan's Guide.

His next installment (a two-part entry) is already planned and will hit the site in late March, but we can help him look beyond that. Just keep in mind that these have to be "geeky" television shows.

My suggestions (in no order):

- Sliders

- Babylon 5

- SeaQuest

- Eureka

- Firefly

- Lost

- X-Files

- Futurama

- Samurai Jack

- Dark Angel

- Millennium

- V (the miniseries, series and "final battle")

- Alien Nation

That's all for now, but I could keep going. Get to work, Mr. Toland! :laugh:

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Thank you, sir. I was actually going to start a thread like this myself.

I'm always going to be looking for ideas. At the moment, I'm actually looking at no less than four series, because I'm freaking insane. One of them was actually a suggestion someone made to me, of a show I'd never seen before and had actually barely heard of, and I'm loving it, so I'm getting introduced to new series, and that's been a really cool side effect of doing this.

(Another two of them are on your list.)

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