Demolition Man---3 Seashells Question Answered


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Okay, I love Sylvester Stallone films(except Driven). Demolition Man is one of my favorites, everyone who has sen it and liked it, must wonder what the 3 Seashells do to replace Toilet Paper. Here's the answer given to Stallone(which was given to him, by the writer).

You can also go to this link:


OK, this may be bordering on the grotesque, but the way it was explained to me by the writer is you hold two seashells like chopsticks, pull gently and scrape what’s left with the third. You asked for it…. Be careful what you ask for, sorry.


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Maybe it's 'cause I'm dead tired. Maybe it's because I've never seen Demolition Man. But whatever the reason, I have no idea what any of that means.

Okay, in more grotesque detail...In the film we find out that people don't use toilet paper anymore in the bathroom(this was bought up when Stallone needs to go to the bathroom and tells them are out). We find out about the 3 Seashells from Rob Schneiders character, but never find out how there used. Read on...if you dare

Okay, now think, you open up two of the Seashell, I'm guessing spreading your ass-hole open and take the last Seashell and scrape it up and I'm guessing clean off the Shells afterward.

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Demolition Man is one of the greatest action movies ever made. Wesley Snipes is the best reason to watch it.

Playing a convict I believe. Someones got to explain to this man how linear time affects the application of method acting.

Yoda, don't be put off Demolition man by this, its a very fun film. Not a great film, but a fun one at least.

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Demolition Man is one of Stallone's best films from the 90's Wesley Snipes is in top form. Can anyone not laugh when he says "Simon Says? "

How about when you get a ticket for cussing, lol

What's Your Boggle? lol

Genius one liners are throughout the film.

How about how freaky it is, that Arnold Schwarzennegger has become President(even though, he Australian)and he is now Govener of California, weird.

Sandra Bullock is also great, this was before Speed (1994) and The Net (1997), so this can be seen as her first Action film.

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