Scariest hero in the Marvel Universe


Who is the scariest hero in the Marvel Universe?  

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Of the four men listed above, which one of them is the scariest hero in the entire Marvel Universe?

For me, it's Nick Fury. Here's why: Wolverine and Punisher follow very strict moral codes. Unless you're a thug or part of an anti-mutant terrorist cell, they're not coming after you. Hulk is a monster, and monsters are very commonplace in the MU. For example, if you lived in Japan and saw Godzilla, you'd say to your buddy, "Hey, there's Godzilla. Let's go get some sushi." Same thing in Marvel's New York, but replace Godzilla with Hulk and sushi with pizza. Now the reason Fury tops the list is because he'll kill you dead with the full backing of the United Nations, and you'll never see it coming. Wolverine and Punisher can be stealthy, but they're both a little showy; before they kill you, they want you to know they're there. Hulk rampages, so you'll hear him coming miles away, giving you plenty of time to run. Fury, though, he's in and out before his gun stops smoking.

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Out of those options, Fury definately.

Frank is old, Wolverine can't take more than three steps without getting his spleen ripped out, and Hulk can be outrun. Fury can kill you and make sure no one ever knew you existed.

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Maybe it's my libertarian leanings and lack of trust for the government, but I say Fury is the scariest. He's scary in a "real world" way that the others aren't - there is no such thing as a mutant or a nuclear-powered monster, and a vigilante only hunts criminals. But in the real world we have no-knock warrants, Ruby Ridge, The Patriot Act, Waco and Mike Nifong.

Frank is old

Um, Frank Castle fought in Vietnam. Nick Fury fought in World War II.

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True, but Frank's been going at a million miles an hour since then. He has no "life", and he's showing his age much more because of it.

Not to mention the whole slowed aging thing Fury has due to the Infinity Formula.

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