Which Console Do You Have?


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I'm a PlayStation man. I never got in to Nintendo but I can't figure it out. My friends have Gamecubes and N64's, I enjoy playing them, but I'll never buy one.

I got PS1 because it could be modded, then I guess I am big on brand loyalty, so when PS2 came and took the next step before anyone else, I upgraded. I also thought the backwards compatibility of games and controlers was great.

Why do you game on what you game?

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I pretty much only play NES games anymore, because I find they have the longest replay value, and I simply have the most fun playing them. Back then, I think more emphasis was put on making games fun to play than making sure they had all sorts of fancy graphics/sound effects.

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Original Big Ass Gameboy

It's funny to hear someone call the GameBoy big (or "big ass" in this case), because I remember when it was considered small. But yeah, looking back it was pretty bulky.

Add these to my list:

Atari 2600





GameBoy Advance

GameBoy Advance SP

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Game Boy (original, it's really more of "Game Man" now)


Dreamcast (broken right now, but they're only 20 bucks)

I need something new to play, but my PC's going to need some work soon. Le sigh.

I also had an NES but sold it at a yard sale long ago. No, I don't regret it. The only game I ever played in its final days was Spy Hunter (and I probably didn't play it once in the 6 months leading up the sale), and my mom had long gotten over her Dr. Mario addiction, so it was just collecting dust.

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