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Tandy! Now there's a blast from the past!

Look at this! It cost $8500 not even 20 years ago!


Ah, yes... Tandy, the "Sam's Choice" to Radio Shack's Wal-Mart.

And when you think about it, $8500 in 1988 dollars would be somewhere in the $12-15,000 range now. Small wonder I knew exactly three people with PCs until college.

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My first desktop was an E-Machine

I've heard those things are horrible. Is that true?

I had this thing years ago, So I cant comment that much, I just remember it didnt have internet, It was slow as all hell, and it would constintly freeze! But, Still it was a gift (Really an "I dont want this" hand me down) from my Grand Father.

(Sorry for grammer, etc. I have a humongous headache)

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my first desktop was a Gateway don't remember the model but it had an Intel celeron 333mhz processor and a 4mb built in ATI graphics card. I got as a present from the folks for doing very well in my Junior cert exams.

Haven't got a laptop yet, new fridge and frezer needed first.

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