Episode 274


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Batman has re-formed the Outsiders, and their first mission involves stopping an OMAC and a European space launch (Batman and the Outsiders, volume one). First Spider-Man has to prevent Mr. Negative from killing off the entire New York City mafia, then he teams with Jackpot to stop a new Goblin (Spider-Man: Brand New Day, volume one). And then Maxwell Lord's new (yet familiar) team of superheroes bumbles into one adventure after another (Formerly Known as the Justice League). [ 1:42:36 || 46.9 MB ]

The above is from: http://www.earth-2.net/theshow/episodes/e2ts_274.mp3

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The above two posts were meant for episode 273... :blush:

Great show so far guys. Dan, do me a favor and never, NEVER, compare Chuck Dixon to Marv Wolfman. Teen Titans and Tomb of DRacula versus a career of mediocrity. No contest.

I met them both on the same day and they are clearly different personalities. For instance, Mr. Wolfman is aware of human decency.

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Quick backtrack...

On the whole, I agree with you. In fact, I even said that I thought Dixon was overrated on account of being a workmanlike writer in an era when even that was too much to ask for.

However, I met Marv Wolfman at a con (and I agree, he was a stand-up guy), and he said something that always stuck with me: "Everyone in this room might be capable of writing a better story than anything I ever dreamed of writing. However, no one in this room could do it month in and month out, on time every month, at the same steady level I do." And that was what I had in mind. Dixon would never in a million years write Kingdom Come, but he could write Robin for seventy-three years and never miss an issue.

(In my defense, and Mike will attest to this, I was a little under the weather, and I was having a rough time during recording. The fact that I came out making any sort of sense at all is a testament to Mike's mad phat editing skillz.)

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Though I was reading comics during the DeMatteis / Giffen / Maguire Justice League era, I was a much more casual reader back then. The local grocery and drug stores only carried so much, and I grabbed whatever covers caught my eye. For whatever reason, as a kid, those JLA covers weren't worth my $0.75. As I grew older and learned of that era, it came down to money; you can't read what you can't afford, and I couldn't (and can't) afford the back issues.

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For whatever reason, as a kid, those JLA covers weren't worth my $0.75.

Something about this sentence makes me smile very, very sadly. $0.75. Man. I'd probably buy Cable for $0.75 nowadays.

I've seen a lot of these issues in $0.50 bins. And there's a certain website that carries that first hardcover for $13. Which I would buy for twice that, easily, if I didn't already have it.

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