Juggernaut vs Jason Vorhees


Who'd win?  

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Location: New York City

Setup: Once again, some fool decided to excavate a large chunk of ice from the bottom of Chrystal Lake, and transport it to transport it to New York. The scientists decide to thaw the body out, and end up freeing Jason, and Jason ends up killing everyone in his vicinity.

Meanwhile, Juggernaut is wreaking havoc on the city again, and the X-Men are having difficulty detaining him. Juggs stomps through the city, and eventually makes his way to a section of the city where more havoc is being wreaked by one Jason Vorhees.

Jason simply slashes at Juggernaut, which doesn't affect the big man all that much, so Juggernaut decides to swat Jason away, knocking him clear into a building. Jason gets up, seemingly unfazed, which puzzles Juggernaut for a moment, but nonetheless gives him one more bit of trouble, as Jason walks back to him, and engages in battle.

Juggernaut and Jason fight to incapacitation, as the X-Men would prefer not to kill.

Who wins?

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Wow! Uh... oh man. This is possibly the hardest one yet.

Jason is strong and seemingly unstoppable, and always gets up for more. Whereas Juggernaut is stronger and simply unstoppable, and never quits (unless something has started to bore him). Hmmm... it isn't a matter of if Jason can beat Juggy (because he can't); it's a question of if Juggy can stop Jason. And I don't know.

Yeah. You know what... yeah he can. This would make for a great crossover 'cause Juggy would have to use his brain to stop Jason, not his power, size and strength. But yeah, with some thought behind it, Juggy could lure Jason into some sort of trap, incapacitating him until the next damn fool wakes him.

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Yeah, something like Juggernaut spreads his arms, and then smashes them together. Except with Jason's head in the middle. Then you have Jason's brain in jelly form.

But Juggy isn't nearly as smart or savvy as Batman, so this fight is going to last longer.

Juggy's smarter than a bunch of dickhead teenagers, though.

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Wow.... I didn't think this would be so one-sided... On paper it looked like it could go either way.... What with Jason's tendancy to get back up, and Juggernaut simply being unstoppable....

But yeah, now that I think about it, in practice Juggernaut could easily step on Jason, and be done with it...

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Juggernaut. This one isn't even a contest.

Jason can heal most any injury, as explained in Jason X. But he's still trapped in a body that can be harmed. Juggernaut, meanwhile, can survive anything short of a nuclear bomb and can lift well over 100 tons. Juggernaut will squish Jason to paste in under ten seconds.

If it is Cyborg Jason vs. Juggernaut, the fight would last longer.

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