Happy New Year

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Happy New Year!

I watched the fireworks in London on TV and finished a four-pack before I give up casual lager drinking as my new year's resolution. Then I started editing the main review part of FYEO episode #9 - cheap/cheerful/needs to be done before I go on holiday on Sunday.

Not sure why I posted that in the "Vent" thread. Possibly because it was the least social NYE in recent memory, but I'm not really complaining.

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I do have resolutions, some of them are E-2 related.

1. Make The King and I a viable and regular column. Working on one right now.

2. Properly resurrect Reel Dread as a less than regular column discussing things I don't get into on the show

3. Get through episode 100 of DM without missing a week.

4. Implement new planned E-2 thing down the road this year (Mike, this is something you don't know about)

5. Finish my novel so it's not a monkey on my back in 2010.

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