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I've recently been watching the Animaniacs DVD sets currently I'm on the last disc of the Volume 1 set and it has been a great thing for me to relax with while I'm feeeling sick as a mutated dog!

Segements I like within The Animaniacs Cartoons other then the Warners themselves:

The Goodfeathers

Buttons & Mindy

Dot's Poetry Corner

Slappy Squirel

the one segment I really can't stand is Chicken Boo.... it's stupid as hell everytime the humans realize that it's a fucking chicken they scream!!

If your a fan of The Animaniacs post any of your thoughts about the cartoon here :D

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I thought that Chicken Boo was hilarious because it was so very stupid. It was quite a surreal running gag for a kids show. I also enjoyed Mime Time which involved a mime demonstrating something lame like being trapped in an invisible box and then having something heavy dropped on him like a piano or a safe. This may just be because I don't like mimes very much.

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I remember the one spot of Buttons and Mindy where Buttons is trying to protect Mindy on a building site and you see Tom and Jerry and Popeye chasing babies on the same site. I remember that it really tickled me that they were suggesting that all the cartoons of babies surviving on building sites were happening in the same place.

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They did this great spoof of Friends called Acquaintances that I saw once and have never been able to find since, at least not without having to buy the box sets.

"Whoever thought that maybe this could be a show?

Six people hanging out just drinking cups of joe.

They lead the most boring lives there's ever been;

That's why we're moving in for a month, maybe a year!

We won't ever leave (No you can't throw us out).

We won't ever leave (You can scream, you can shout).

We won't ever leave our new Acquaintances!"

Animaniacs is legendary. Good to see above props for the filler segs because Good Idea, Bad Idea, Chicken Boo and Mime Time were great fun.

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A new Hulu reboot of Animinaics is coming in 2020. No word on which of the original voice cast would be returning.

As a sidenote, Hulu has also picked up the original series as well as Tiny Toon Adventures, Pinky and the Brain, as well as Pinky, Elmyra, and The Brain. That last one is there in case you ever think, "You know, The Hip Hippos are the most painful thing to come out of Warner Brothers Animation in the 90s."

Edited to add: This also seems to include the various Tiny Toons specials (some of which have never gotten a proper rerelease after their original airing), How I Spent My Summer Vacation, and Wakko's Wish.

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17 hours ago, Dan said:

I would seriously be shocked if they didn't all come back. Paulsen, especially, would start work tomorrow if he could.

Maurice Lamarche said on Twitter he'd been apart of it for months.

Animaniacs was such a relic of its time, IDK if it's general mockery of 90s pop culture could be translated into the late 2010s without feeling gimmicky...

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