Dawn of the Geeks, part two


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The label of "geek" is one I've always worn with a bit of pride. The term itself implies a greater knowledge of something, a unique quality that causes you to stand above the pack. For years it was a form of judgment and ridicule, but recently people have learned to embrace their inner geek. After all, who wants to be normal?

The above is from: http://www.earth-2.net/columns/multiple/dawn-of-the-geeks-02

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For a guy who would respond to the directive "You will never play another video game again in your life" with "Meh."

This was still pretty moving. It may be the best thing I've read of yours on this site. It was informative, interesting, smart and funny. It had more heart than that kid with the monkey on Captain Planet. Well done, sir.

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Fine stuff! Its cool that there was one thing above all else that drew you into our ranks. That gaming machine collection was insane, I started out with a Sinclair ZX Spectrum (yes, it needed tapes to play), moved onto an Acorn, then a 286 and then its was PC's from then on. As a kid I couldn't imagine having so many varied machines and games available, if I saw a room full of those I think Gene Wilder would have started singing "Pure Imagination" in my head.

Looking forward to the next one.

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Thanks guys.

I wasn't super happy with this as it was mostly stream of consciousness and I was writing about a subject I'm not entirely confident in (myself). Really wish I had more time to work on this, but I was basically finishing this up as I was moving.

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Nice work dubs.

I didn't know that little tidbit about you and videogames and the non-gaming days.

I love my figure collection as well, and the only person I'm comparing my collection to is me, as other people collect to prove they have the most of something, I do it like you, because I like them.

Replace figures with videogames.

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