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One of my little projects between late CR film reviews, even later CR articles and those occasional times I review Batman with Mike & James, has been the James Bond podcast, as you know. Well, it's now a year since the first episode went up and as such, I'm plugging the show on my facebook page throughout Thursday to coincide with Episode #13 hitting the web. And to get people into the older episodes, I've been making some short trailers which are now up on youtube.

Adverts for FYEO episodes #1-6

It's a 3-step process. I pick out and rip clips from the old shows, as I would for a WFP package. Then I put it over the Bond mix we use for the show's intro & outro, and finally I open up Windows Movie Maker, find some pictures and glue them together sloppily. Movie Maker's pretty damn dire, but I don't really have the time to make a fully professional advert for each show, so they are what they are! Hope you like them!

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Excellent work Ian!

Now, get to work doing all 53 WFP Trailers and all 312 E-2.NTS trailers! =;)

To utilise one of my FYEO catchphrases, fuck that! :happy:

I mean, I love this site and all, but that's a full time job right there.

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These are quite nice. You always do pick the best clips (or have for WFP in the past anyway). Good job, man!

Oh, and this confirms that I've seen Adham on the BBC website...why were his attempts to set a world record (I believe) documented by THEM?

If Adham ever drops by, I'll let him answer that. Cheers for the compliments!

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I warn you, this is the Live and Let Die episode, and thusly, the first appearance of Pandy. If any of you have a certain image of my little brother in your head that you don't want spoiled, don't look at this as I believe he's pictured about 3 times within the trailer.

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