Saw 8 or 9...yes

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Also, Jack Napier (The Joker) killed Bruce Wayne's parents and The Beatles were ten times the musical artists that Guns N' Roses are/were.

Ladies and gentlemen, I have just killed Michael David Sims. Apologies.

Great, another great man dead. Oh well, I'm sure we can get someone to inscribe, "I love Dick" on his gravestone.

But seriously, this is getting worse than Friday the 13th. At least the later films were bad enough that you could still watch them. The last Saw unwatchable at least Friday the 13th sequels knew that what they were and didn't have scenes that screamed, "Look, we referenced something in a previous movie. Aren't we clever?"

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1. Saw takes itself way too seriously.

2. I have no idea how you make a video game out of this movie without it being horrid.

3. I have never stabbed anyone with a rusty nail. The allegation in the first movie is false.

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