DC Villain Jeopardy

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Who would win Celebrity Jeopardy?  

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You're contestants for Celebirty Jeopardy, are:

Mr. Mxyztplk - An imp from the Fifth Dimension.

The Joker - Crimelord permanently scarred from a bizarre chemical accident.

The Riddler - Insane criminal who cannot psychologically commit a crime without leaving clues.

The setup:

Mxyztplk has used his magic to capture Batman. Knowing both the Joker and the Riddler want the Dark Knight, and always up for a challenge of wits, Mxyztplk gets them to agree to play Jeopardy, and using his magic to get Trebek to host. Winner gets Bats, unless its Mxyztplk, in which case Batman is freed and both Joker and Riddler are turned in to the authorities.

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