Episode 325


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Interesting that Mike noted that at least during the scene of Meridian being plunged down through the cave that the stunt double appeared to be a man. I've heard a New York City sports radio talk show host theorized that Nicole Kidman actually IS a man (BABY!). While true that clearly wasn't Kidman doing her own stunt, but I just got a chuckle based on this guy's theory on Kidman.

IIRC, the guy just always thought something was "off" when it came to Nicole, that she just never seems like a natural woman or something.

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Thought I already posted this but I guess I didn't.

I thought this was the best Batman review yet. Even funnier than the "you're all fired" is the revelation that James enjoyed the stunt double's male ass. I was in a record/dvd store and knocked a shelf sending two box sets to the floor. But one of them was I Am Legend so that's ok.

I could, however, have done without the Seal song...

I love the U2 song though And I hate U2. That's gotta be their best tune.

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