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Return to Castle Wolfenstein--I was in a clan. They've probably booted me out for not contacting them for months. But I love the game. Can't explain why I like it more than others, but I just do.

Unreal Tournament--I've played this game for countless hours online at like 3:00am blowing people up with nuclear weapons. :evil:

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1) Half-Life. Of every FPS I've ever played, Half Life has made me feel more like I was inside the game world than any other. There was always something going on, whether it be scientists being dragged into air vents, or soldiers and aliens blowing the crap out of each other. Amazing atmosphere. Not even the dud final levels could ruin the experience.

2) Duke Nukem 3D. The first FPS I ever owned. Terrific fun, and managed to keep an incredible sense of freedom...there were times when I really thought I could catch the train to my house. I was 13, and had an active imagination ;) And the theme song was catchy as hell.

3) Jedi Knight II - Jedi Outcast. The high point of the series so far. Stunning graphics, challenging levels, and a friggin' lightsaber.

Honorable mentions: System Shock 2, Hexen 2

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Half-Life. But that kinda goes without saying.

UT2k4. Friggin' Awesome. Better than the original.

I was a huge fan of Dark Forces, not so much of the sequels. I really couldn't get into the lightsaber combat.

I generally don't like WWII FPS' but what little I've played of Call of Duty rocked. I should really pick up the full version sometime. I'll probably wait for a gold pack with the expansion to come out though.

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