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From Cinema Blend:

Tarantino Promises Kill Bill Vol. 3

By Josh Tyler: 2009-10-01 13:23:14

Now that Inglourious Basterds is out of the way and headed for almost inevitable Oscar nominations, Quentin Tarantino is planning his next move. What is it? Kill Bill Vol. 3.

Bad Taste caught Tarantino on Italian television where he went out of his way to lure the interviewer into asking him about the possibility of a third Kill Bill

and then announced that yes, it’s happening and “The Bride will fight again.”

Of course Tarantino projects never happen quickly and sometimes the stuff he talks about never happens at all. But he seems fairly adamant about getting Kill Bill Vol. 3 done, even if it takes time. He says, “Kill Bill 3 will probably come out, I gotta wait a couple of years, but I want ten years to pass from the second one to the third one.”

So why ten years? Tarantino explains, “Two reasons. One, I think me and Uma needed a ten year break…. And the second one, I loved the character a lot. I think she deserved ten years to relax. She deserved ten years of no fighting, she deserved ten years with her child Bebe, just of peace. I put her through a lot those first two movies, I want her to have a nice, peaceful life for ten years. I want her to set up her store, and have some peace. But after ten years we’ll make her fight again.”

The original Kill Bill Vol. 1 was released in 2003. That could mean Kill Bill Vol. 3 in 2013 except, even though he mentions needing a break from Uma, QT says he only has to wait a couple of years and the ten years he discussed seemed to be related more to the timeline taking place inside the film than the one taking place out here. Kill Bill Vol. 3 could show up at any time.

I'm kinda excited. The character of the Bride was one of my favorites in Cinema and Tarantino did leave enough dangling threads from the first two films that a sequel seems like it would work.

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If they're going to make her face off against Vernita's kid, mentored via Elle, then I'm kind of interested to see what they could do.

I recall hearing / reading something like that a long time ago, that the third one would be about Vernita's daughter seeking revenge on The Bride.

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If he couldn't tell us all he needed to tell us in 4 and a half hours then I have no desire to see a third film.

Besides, it's bullshit. He won't do it. He's got about 11 films out in the ether right now that he's mentioned in passing but will never do. This is just another one.

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I'm fine with it as long as I don't have to look at Uma Thurmans feet again. Honestly I think a sequel fits in nicely, with these characters it doesn't seem like the events of the first two films is all that they will ever do that's worth following. It a good opportunity to subvert and play with his own mythology, something that creaters of franchises rarely get the chance to do (barring Ridley and the new Alien).

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Yeah, I was waiting for that cut since before the first film was released. I really hate it when I'm left waiting for the cut of a film that I really want when the studio is releasing single, double or triple disc options with loads of extras that I don't care about. Give me the full cut of Edward Norton's Hulk! Give me the full directors cut of Watchmen! Give me the complete Kill Bill!

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