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I know at least Mike has a collection and I'm considering getting into it as well.

I am watching a page right now that is from my all time favorite Batman story but I think it's about $80 too expensive. I really want it and it is a really great page (without Batman though).

My wallet is telling me "GOD NO!" but my heart is aching for it.

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I really want to get into collecting original art, but unfortunately, my budget can only support comics right now. When I do have the available funds, my plan is to collect at least one page from every Grant Morrison story.

Considering how much Cameron Stewart wants for a head sketch at a convention, that way lies poverty, my friend.

Let alone Quitely and all the painters he's worked with!

I'm currently watching four auctions by this person who has three pieces of art from some of my all-time favorite comics so I've asked them to consider multiple purchases if I make a lowball offer on the over-priced Batman page. I mean really, it doesn't even have Batman or a recognizable villain on it.

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Cameron Stewart's pages aren't too bad, $100-$150 for most of his Seaguy work. Quitely's are definitely a pretty penny, but to own a Quitely page would be fantastic. J.H. Williams III's prices surprised me the most at around $200. Of course those are the pencil and inked pages. The painted pages are gorgeously expensive.

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This would probably be my grail right now.

Sweet raping jesus! $3,000! You can get a world class hooker for that! Or 30 not bad hookers! Or, if you looked in the right place, 300!

I want a hooker, and the original art for the cover of Batman 666, or the interior page with Damien screaming after Batman dies.

But, I have nowhere to put them, or the budget right now, what with my love of hookers.

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If you're looking for more than just comic art, can I make a suggestion? Last year, a local collector put together what is probably the best illustration convention in the world. Illuxcon Just about any great sci-fi or fantasy artist you can think of was there. I covered it for the newspaper - my articles are linked on the site - and I was amazed at the stuff that was there. It's expensive, but you'll probably never find a better collection or artists.

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