Episode 26


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A bunch of bullies show up and do a lot of, well, bullying while trying to enslave an alien race ("The Dominators"). Then the trio enters The Void and find themselves in the clutches of an evil mastermind ("The Mind Robber"). Before that, however, Mike makes an announcement about Chicago TARDIS. [ 1:02:56 || 28.9 MB ]

The above is from: http://www.earth-2.net/podcasts/biggerontheinside/episodes/bigger_026.mp3

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another great podcast.

I love the Mind Robber too...such an odd story. It's such good luck that of all the stories being filmed, it was during this one that Frazer Hines fell ill. That first episode is so odd, but good. It's the only episode to go out without a writers credit...as mentioned it was written and tagged onto the beginning of the story to make up for the loss of an episode of the Dominators, which caused a lot of trouble behind the scenes, it was edited down without any input from the writers (Mervyn Haisman and Henry Lincoln, who had written the 2 Yeti stories). They were upset with the results, so it went out under a penname and they never wrote for the program again, which caused problems later on in the season because they were supposed to write a 3rd Yeti story set in Scotland which would have written out Jamie. It's part of the reason that the stories later on in S6 start getting longer, and written more at the last minute.

The Master of the Land of Fiction, is clearly based on Frank Richards, who was a prolific writer of "boys own" stories in magazines like "Magnet". His most famous creation was a schoolboy called Billy Bunter. He was once in the Guiness book of Records as the most prolific writer in the english language, and is estimated to have written over 100 million words over his long career.

Actually, the estate of Frank Richards complained to the BBC after the broadcast episode 3 of "Celestial Toymaker" because Cyril in the story (who even says his friends call him Billy) is so obviously a carbon copy of Billy Bunter, from the costume, look, performance. The BBC had to put out an announcement after episode 4 was broadcast saying that the similarity was coincidental.

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Had The Dominators been six parts long, I think I would have been down on it. Though I like the story, even I admit that the bullying was getting old. Adding another episode to it would have only made it worse. So I'm glad they cut it down to five.

Though it sucks the writers felt screwed over and left, frankly, I'm glad we didn't get another Yeti story.

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Great episode again, chaps! I'm a big fan of the Mind Robber - as mentioned above, very lucky that this story was able to deal with the absence of Jamie and the addition of a (really spooky and atmospheric) extra episode.

I'm looking forward to hearing what you think of the Krotons, which was actually the very first full story I ever saw, way back in 1991 I think.


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I like both these stories myself. The fighting dominators and the very interesting Mind Robber. I always love 2 of the last bits with the Domniators.

Finding the Bomb the Doctor returned to them............

D1:Deactivate it!

D2:I can't there no time!


Doctor:don't worry it was only a small eruption it will only affect the island

Jamie:maybe but we happen to be on the Island.

Doctor:OH MY WORD!

I just have one final thing to say

Command Accepted!

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