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Rotund DJ: You know who is smoking fucking hot?

stipeforprez: Me?

Rotund DJ: Donna from that 70's show.

Rotund DJ: I would go so far as to say that she is hotter than you

stipeforprez: bah!

Rotund DJ: OH NO

stipeforprez: you speak blasphemy

Keep in mind, this is after she has kissed Topher Grace. So, it'd be like you kissing Topher, sorta.

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Donna is the hottest woman on the planet, and I would shove my own mother into Hellfire just to get a chance to lick her (Donna's) boots. Sorry, Cash, but you just don't stand a chance.

No sorry needed man. I voted for Donna over myself.

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Donna isn't as hot as she's made out to be



Good thing there isn't an obvious thing to change my name to, then :ph34r:

Don't get me wrong, she is hot and proof that redheads can be just as sexy as blondes/brunettes, but I can think of hotter women, that's all.

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