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After setting a new record for midnight openings with $26.27 million at 3,514 theaters, Summit Entertainment's The Twilight Saga: New Moon has also broken the record for a single day, earning $71 million on Friday at 4,024 theaters. The previous single day record of $67.1 million was held by The Dark Knight.

It looks like The Dark Knight's 3-day record of $158 million may be in jeopardy now as well.

Damn tweens......

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Quality does not matter to the TwiHards. They just want their ZOMG JACOB or ZOMG EDWARD. Never mind how crazily unhealthy the relationships in this movie are, ESPECIALLY this particular installment. (I have little sisters, this is how I know about Twilight.)

The only thing these movies are good for are drinking games that will leave you passed out by night's end. Which I've still yet to do.

(Also, I hates them because they're ruining perfectly good artists like Muse for me by adding them to the soundtrack. The fact that it was released on my birthday doesn't help much either.)

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The Twilight Saga: New Moon dawned with a hot-blooded estimated $140.7 million on approximately 8,500 screens at 4,024 sites over the weekend, charting as the third highest-grossing opening behind only The Dark Knight and Spider-Man 3 and the biggest of 2009. With the advent of New Moon, not to mention an excellent showing by The Blind Side, overall business surged 56 percent over the same weekend last year when Twilight and Bolt debuted and was the second-highest seen in history, behind the weekend that The Dark Knight opened.

Rest of the Article is here.

Kinda happy that at least it didn't open as well as Dark Knight. If you follow Kevin Smith on Twitter, he had some hilarious things to say about it.

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There was an embargo on the film reviews here in Oz for some reason that they weren't allowed to be released until after the film came out. And then you found out why.

My Favourite Review Site

That's... weird. It's almost the polar opposite of most other reviews. Mostly, the consensus is that it's better than the first film (which isn't saying much), the direction is far better, and the Jacob character's prominence is a plus, but Kristen Stewart's acting isn't that great.

Crap. Now I have to see this movie just to find out for myself. o_O

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Agreed. I'll probably make myself suffer through it when it comes out on dvd like I did with the original. The question is are we getting an episode of The Show where this movie get reviewed?

You can count me out on that front. I will only voluntarily sit through bad comic book movies for this site. Then again, I believe one guy has his own feature dedicated to watching terrible films and then translating his resulting vitriol into words....

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Save your sanity and watch Spoony's review instead.

Clearly you missed the fact that I was trying to find an excuse to see the movie.

I absolutely love bad teen dramas. I devour them, then vomit them back up as Justice League teen fanfiction.

So you're going to then write a fanfic where Wonder Woman has undergone an off-screen lobotomy and wants to become Batwoman just because Batman looked at her and occasionally manipulated her?

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  • 3 weeks later...

Have you learned nothing from the Smallville diehards!!

Oh, I don't expect to win any arguments.

I just like the frustrated and confused faces that they make as they try to find an intelligent response, then finally blurt out "You just don't understand!!!!"

In that case, you just made my list of people I want to grow up to be.

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