Two podcasts per day?


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Except for the occasional delay, currently runs one podcast per day:

Sundays (alternating): Bigger on the Inside / Better in the Dark

Mondays: Dread Media

Tuesdays: The Show

Wednesdays (alternating): World's Finest Podcast / Animezing Podcast

Thursdays (alternating): For Your Ears Only / Married to Movies

Fridays (alternating): DJ Comics Cavalcade / Mike & Niki Make a Podcast

Saturdays: The Show

Though some shows will be ending soon -- For Your Ears Only in just a few months, and World's Finest Podcast in February 2011 -- allowing others to take their place, the podcast section of E2 will continue to grow. And it will grow to the point of needing to run two shows per day. I've been resistant to this idea because, well, I don't really know why. I've just been. But I've never put it to you guys. Would you be open to posting two podcasts per day? If so, I foresee the schedule being something like this: the first show would be published between 10:00a and noon, and the second between 5:00 and 8:00p.


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I would say consider the topic of the podcast. Use that to determine what day to put the podcast on. For example, if one of the new podcasts is horror themed, don't put it on the same day as Dread Media. Saturday would probably be a good day since most people won't have work and have the extra time required to listen to the extra podcast.

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As long as one of the podcast is a shorter one, I don't see any reason listeners can't handle two podcasts a day. Hell, I know of some sites (Wrestling Observer/Figure Four Weekly comes readily to mind) where they sometimes post two or three a day.

And I'm willing to bet there are some listeners who only download specific podcasts and ignore others.

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Guest DCAUFan1051

I listen to podcasts all the time (when it isn't my own stuff) heck I've been known to release episodes 2-3 at one time. So I think it would be great to have more then one each day.

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Let me put it this way. I'm listening to classic E-2 right now.

I would like the morning episode/Evening one, as it would work out with timescale like this:

Morning: Night episode from day before.

Evening: Morning episode.

So, I would be happy.

Also, I pick and choose what I hear, so I won't mind if you do two a day, like you said, the site grows, so that means more casts and no matter how much Stavros works to make an extra day.....

So yeah, do more if you need to, and do morning/evening.

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