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Dark: A Horror Anthology is now available for ordering! This is the first honest to goodness book to feature a published story by me. So buy it.

Besides me, there's stories by Keith Latch, Brother D from Mail Order Zombie and JP Moore.

My story, "The Doom that came to Black Water" takes place in a little western town of Black Water as Sheriff Mason watches a stranger ride into town on a horse as black as sin. What's real worryin' is the giant black cloud following the man. Black Water is doomed, they just don't know it yet.

It's fulla cussin', drinkin' and cosmic horror in the first Lovecraftian Western you'll probably ever read.

Be the first on your block, or even the first, to own one. Hell, order 600! Daddy needs a new pair of shoes!

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Thanks fellas!

Also, I just cooked up an incentive to buy. Everyone who buys Dark: AHA and forwards their Lulu receipt to feedback@dreadmedia.net will receive a free copy of my upcoming self-published limited edition chapbook called (tentatively) Tiny Terrors.

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Excellent. It should also be mentioned that Bryan Wolford (from the Drunken Zombie Podcast) and Steve Wands (DC Comics letterer extraordinaire) are the editors of this fine publication.

I've read Keith Latch's story and it's rad, the town of Black Water plays an important role in an upcoming story I'm doing and I'm pretty sure that Brother D's story (he's Derek Koch) contains a character he's cross-platforming as well. Great jumping on stuff here. I'm psyched to read the rest, myself.

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We may have found a new home with in-roads into stores so I'll keep you updated as to when the public can get them. Until then, to entice you(or put you off) I have below a sample of just one of the several 67 word short stories to be found in my self-published chapbook:

"Something About Old Habits Dying Hard"

He awoke on the floor.


His nose was still bleeding.


Woozier than last time, he felt alright otherwise. Both nostrils now rushed blood, albeit, at a slower pace. His clothes, drenched white T-shirt red, blue jeans dark purple made a squelchy sticking sound every time he moved. As the pool expanded slowly around him, he wondered to himself aloud: If only I could stop picking."

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Another incentive to buy, a large section of Tiny Terrors will be dedicated to what I am calling "Haikusploitation."

This is very simply, haikus about exploitation films.

Examples below:

Reefer Madness

Hey, tell your children

Pot leads to sex, death, madness,

And worst of all: jazz.

Vanishing Point

Drive until you die.

I guess that’s kind of the point.

Get it? I said “point.”

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I have "Salo: or 120 Days of Sodom" typed into my haiku document. No poem yet, but it's gonna get one.

I did, however, turn my Thriller banner into a haiku:

Thriller: A Cruel Picture

They called her one eye.

So she trained herself to kill.

Don’t call people names.

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Foxy Brown

Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS

Got 'em both!

Rock 'n' Roll High School

I've never thought about this as more than a musical comedy. Is there anything really exploitative about it?

In other news, I've got 27 haikus in the can now.

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