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Nintendo Entertainment System


Initial release date: July 15, 1983

Initial price: $199

Lifespan: 1983-1994

Units sold: 61.91 million

Number of games released: Over 800

Notable games:

Super Mario Bros series


Legend of Zelda series


Castlevania series




Mega Man series

Ninja Gaiden series

Other notes:

- First to have directional control pad.

- First game with battery backup (Legend of Zelda).

- Credited with reviving the video game industry in the 80s.


Super Nintendo Entertainment System


Initial release date: November 21, 1990

Initial price: $199

Lifespan: 1990-1999

Units sold: 49.10 million

Number of games released: 785

Notable games:

Super Mario World

Super Metroid

Chrono Trigger

Super Mario Kart

Final Fantasy II and III

Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

Donkey Kong Country series

Mega Man X series

Secret of Mana


Other notes:

- Six button controller

- MODE 7~!

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I love the NES and appreciate the impact it made but the SNES is probably my favorite system of all time. It improved on everything the NES did. To me, the SNES is when video games became something more than just a fun diversion. The SNES was where the RPG was at it's best. This is when we got subversive storylines, beautiful graphics, and great music in a video game.

One other thing: the controller. The interface for not just the SNES but nearly every console since the SNES can be traced back here and it has changed little. In fact, Nintendo has been the only ones to make any changes.




So, hence, the SNES get my vote. The NES is awesome for what it was and did but the SNES did everything better.

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I voted NES just down to games. They are equal on output but something about the NES had more fun. It was tough though. I lost my childhood to Starfox...but I couldn't let my vote go to SNES because of a couple games when NES had a glut of them.

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Sales - NES.

Longevity - NES.

Importance - The NES saved the industry. The SNES just made it more fun.

Games - I give SNES the edge here, but the NES beats it in every other category, so it's a moot point.

I voted NES.

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Share on other sites what way is the SNES controller not simply evolution of the NES controller?

It is but once again, it's improving on what came before it. It smoothed out the lines, made the controller more comfortable to hold, and added all those extra buttons that increased what you could do. Just imagine Halo if we would have never gotten the shoulder buttons. Press A to shoot your guns? Not quite as interesting.

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I'm going to use DW's method here:

Sales: NES

Longevity: NES

Importance: NES (Like the Atari 2600 before it, the NES became synonymous with home video gaming. The SNES was simply a continuation of that.)

Games: NES (Though the games on the SNES were much more epic, the NES is where they got their start, and that counts for a lot in my book.)

So, NES.

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