Let's all step into our time machine


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That 2006 shot is within days of my first post. I can tell because I'm pretty sure the Silent Hill debate was one of the first things I was a part of here.

Christ, I feel old.

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Heh! I was thinking about the old design just the other day. :doh:

I remeber looking this stuff up a few months ago. I love the black design and the forums. I dont know why, But I have a soft spot for beginning websites. I think its very cool to see how the site and forums have evolved. This is such a great place. Thanks Mike.

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All I know is there are parts of my internet life that I have killed, and I would like them to remain dead. I have not ventured into these archives to see if they've preserved any of this, but the notion that it might be out there somewhere is not something that I enjoy considering.

At least they don't have keyword search for these archives. Yet.

If/when that happens...

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