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Let's start this thread off with a "where is LeBron" going.

LeBron James -- Free Lap Dances for Life, If ...

Originally posted May 11th 2010 9:10 AM PDT by TMZ Staff

LeBron James just got the sweetest offer in the history of mankind to move from Cleveland to the New York Knicks -- a lifetime of free stripper action.

The Cleveland Cavaliers star -- who will become a free agent after this season -- is getting million-dollar offers from several franchises to make the switch to their team ... but if LeBron inks a deal with the Knicks, New York's premiere strip club Scores says it'll give the basketball star:

- A free lifetime of lap dances

- A "LeBron James Day" when all the strippers will wear his jersey

- And free food for life at the strip club's very own steakhouse

Good luck competing with that Utah!

I love the LeBron theme day idea, fantastic.

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I've talked to a few friends, had to listen to endless ESPN coverage while at work, and listened to local talk radio on the way home. And this is getting way out of hand.

I am not an NBA guy by far, but LeBron was a free agent and signed with another team. What is the problem? He felt that joining the Heat gave him the best chance of winning a title. And what is the point of professional sports? To win. If he would have stayed in Cleveland he would have gotten KILLED for staying and taking the most money available.

This decision has been hyped for two years. I would say that it overshadowed the NBA Finals this year. How was he supposed to announce his decision? Tweet? Facebook status update? Press Conference? He would have got hate for any method. But I agree that it could have been handled better.

In the end I will watch the NBA just the same: not much at all.

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Does anyone think the Cavs would not trade LeBron if they thought it would benefit them?

Remember when the Atlanta Hawks exiled Dominique Wilkins to the LA Clippers to position themselves for the playoffs? Atlanta fans were FURIOUS about it.

Or when the New York Knicks traded Patrick Ewing to Seattle?

This is a business. Teams have no loyalty to players, so players owe no loyalty in return.

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I love how fans get so hypocritical over this kind of thing. A player is a traitor if he leaves, but it's ok for a team to throw a player on the scrap heap, or trade him for a younger better player. The sooner everyone realises there is no loyalty in sport anymore, the more sane this whole thing becomes.

My football team is going through something similar at the moment. We have the competitions best player and there is a new franchise starting next year offering him 50% more than what he is on with us. We have won 2 of the past 3 premierships and he won the MVP last year. So I'm fine with him leaving, more money and a new franchise is a great opportunity to test himself. Is he really great or is it because he is part of a great team. If he wants to challenge himself, I'm fine with it. But there are fans that will boo him if he leaves, etc. Same fans that are happy to trade a mid tier player to get a draft pick.

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This thread started on the LeBron talk, so a MASSIVE congrats to the Mavs on their win. Not only a win for Dallas, but a win for purity in sport.

Bull. Shit.

How is this a purity of sports issues? If anything, what LeBron did by signing with the Miami Heat is the purest thing possible in sport. He tried to win the championship. Want to criticize how he played in the Finals? Go right ahead. He played awful in the Finals, specially during high pressure situations. However, he made it to the Finals. In seven years in Cleveland he made it to the Finals once. And they were swept. And the last two years he lead the Cavs to the best record in the league, but the TEAM failed to make it back to the finals. Given how well the Cavs played this year somewhat shows how little he had to work with.

And most of the players that we hold to the highest esteem had that other guy. Bird had McHale. Kareem had Magic. Jordan had Pippen. Kobe had Shaq/Gasol. The recent Celtic had a trio of hall of famers. Even Wade had Shaq back in '06. And having two Hall of Famers is not enough sometimes. The Jazz had Karl Malone and John Stockton, not to mention HoF coach Jerry Sloan for well over ten years and could never win a championship. It is still a team game at the end of the day.

So in the off season, as a free agent, he signed with a new team. A team that he felt would give him the best chance of winning the ultimate goal of the NBA; The Finals. Not only that, he signed for less money. Amar'e Stoudemire signed with the Knicks for the maximum he could. Were the Knicks better than the Suns, whom he left. Kinda a push in my opinion. So by taking the most money possible, he gave himself no better chance at a championship. Does he get knocked for killing the "purity of sports" because he went for money? No. Hell, Hedo Türkoğlu came off an NBA Finals appearance with the Orlando Magic and signed with the Toronto Raptors. Why? Not to win a championship; his wife liked the city. Isn't that a bit off?

Dwight Howard is a free agent after the next season. If he signs with the Lakers, teams up with Kobe and Gasol, does that increase his chance of winning? Yes. Will he be killed for it? Doubt it. Switch over to baseball. CC Sabathia signs a max deal to pitch for the Yankees. Cliff Lee signs a non max deal to join the Phillies. Why? Both thought this was the best situation for them to win a championship. Paid off for CC; we shall see for Lee.

So, what is "Purity of Sport"? Play hard, do what is right, say your prayers and eat your vitamins? Isn't play to win part of that to? And at the professional level that is winning championships. Lebron did what he thought was best to win a championship. You can fault him for his bad play. His not being clutch. His ill advised tv special. But please, don't overstate what he did.

He got a better job in a warmer city.

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I new I'd regret that comment as soon as I posted it. You can see in my previous post I'm pro players doing what's in their best interests. The purity comment was more a swipe at Heat as a whole, more so than any individual. Sure every franchise try's to put together a winning team, but when people go out of their way to buy a successful team in the short term (ie 1-2 years) it cheapens a sport *cough* Chelsea *cough*.

So just to be clear, pro selfish players, anti owners trying to buy a championship. Let the anti Mark Cuban comments begin :)

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Oh, fuck LeBron. He brought this entire shitstorm upon himself by holding that ridiculous ESPN special, proclaiming himself "The Chosen One", blaming the media for all the times he says or does something immature, and then going out and completely shitting the bed in "the biggest game of [his] life" (<--his words, not mine).

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Oh, fuck LeBron. He brought this entire shitstorm upon himself by holding that ridiculous ESPN special, proclaiming himself "The Chosen One", blaming the media for all the times he says or does something immature, and then going out and completely shitting the bed in "the biggest game of [his] life" (<--his words, not mine).

Couldn't say it better myself. The fucker celebrated a championship before he played a game. Let's be clear here. Lebron, Wade, and Bosh conspired to make a "super team" when they played together in the Olympics. There's nothing pure about that.

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