J.T. Krul to Be The Next Teen Titans Writer


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That’s right — starting later this year, J.T. Krul will step in to chronicle the adventures of the DCU’s premiere teen team.

But what can readers expect? We cornered the writer for a quick comment. Take it away, J.T.:

“To say I am thrilled to be writing Teen Titans would be the ultimate understatement. They are one of the premiere teams in all of comics and have a rich pedigree of incredible stories by amazing creators. To be able to add to that heritage is an honor in every respect. Although I’ve written this family of characters before, the Teen Titans were either dealing the horrors of dead friends and foes coming back to haunt them, coping with dissolving team ranks, or suffering from the utter despair over losing limbs and loved ones. I’m eager to get the chance to tell brighter stories that build the team up stronger than ever - Titans Together!”


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At this point, any change to the current Titans series is welcome in my book.

Dude, really?

Did you completely miss this:

Oh, great, the guy who's currently writing Rise of Arsenal. Expect sex, drugs and misogyny.

That makes NOTHING better.

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Not long ago, we announced that GREEN ARROW writer J.T. Krul would be adding DC’s top teen team to his resume and taking over as the ongoing writer of TEEN TITANS, starting with October’s #88. But who’s handling the art side?

None other than Nicola Scott, who’s built up a long list of credits at DC, including SECRET SIX, BLACKEST NIGHT: WONDER WOMAN and the main WONDER WOMAN title. Scott and Krul will join forces to usher in a new era for the teen series, featuring some familiar faces and a few surprises.

Before we touch base with Nicola, let’s get some background from J.T. Take it away, sir:

“When Rachel Gluckstern and I started formulating a plan for Teen Titans and the discussion turned to artists, Nicola Scott was at the top of both our lists. No joke. I had marveled at her work in the past on Birds Of Prey and Secret Six, but it was her work on Blackest Night: Wonder Woman and Wonder Woman that really catapulted her to the top of what I must say is an incredible heap of talented artists at DC. She just gets it. Character. Emotion. Action. Nicola is what I like to call a TP - total package. Having her usher in a new age of Teen Titans is going to be something special. And this cover to our first issue is the tip of the iceberg - trust me. Oh, and wait until you see her take on Damian. That’s right, I said it. What would Teen Titans be without a Robin.”

That’s right, folks. Damian. More on that later. What say you, Nicola?

“Teen Titans has been one of the titles at DC that I’ve wanted to draw since deciding to work in comics. I became aware of the title when Wolfman and Perez made their ground breaking 80’s run and I’ve loved pretty near every incarnation since.

When Rachel approached me about the title, told me JT was writing and who was on the team, I was sold! JT’s nailed it: Character, tone, direction. He has blown me away. We’re just wrapping up the first (bumper sized) issue and I couldn’t be happier with how it’s turning out. And, lucky me, I was able to bring Doug Hazlewood (inker) and Jason Wright (colorist) along for the ride.

I love each of these characters, JT has them note perfect and I’m having a blast! This is the Teen Titans as they should be.”

TEEN TITANS #88 hits in October. Oh, and speaking of Damian…


The spoilers have a cover and a pencilled page by Scott.

DC Source

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