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42) No one ever has to go to the bathroom for a ten minute shit.

43) In a love story, the guy at the start who seems nice, is always the villain.

44) Guy who is unlikable at the start of a love story, is almost certainly the nice guy.

45) When asked if you are a god, you always forget to say yes.

46) Going back in the past, may result in your own mother falling in love with you.

47) Bad guys always suck at shooting you.

48) You cannot truly save the day till the last minute.

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49) No one has a messy apartment unless they are a geek or a bachelor.

50) Even if it makes sense for you and someone else to share an important plot point right away, it will be held back until it works best dramatically.

51) Unless it is important to the plot, whispering to yourself five feet away from someone will not be heard or noticed, especially if it's something along the lines of, "I can never let TC know what I saw in his shed."

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55) All pit bulls, rottweilers, Dobermans etc. are vicious dogs.

39.) Anyone who vowed that they would never, ever use a certain weapon again under any circumstances will always end up using said weapon again.

56) If a character is shown to be completely incompetent in a certain skill, the character will always use that skill to save the day.

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