Final Fantasy: Where to get started?


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I have been told many times that I should be playing the games in the Final Fantasy series, and (even though I have VII, VIII and IX and will probably buy X and X-2 this week) I've never been motivated to play them. But let's say I wanted to sit down and devote some major time to this franchise. Which game makes for the best place to start?

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Try to get Origins. Almost everybody likes the first one. It has a simple storyline(until the ending), but is still fun.

"The world is covered in darkness,

The wind dies,

The sea rages,

And the earth begins to decay.

Only a prophecy kept hope alive in people's hearts:

'When the world is veiled in darkness,

Four warriors of light will come'

And after a long journey,

Four youths did arive,

Each holding an orb"

Origins however is a bit different: They made an easy mode, you can run, you can use gold needles in battle, and they changed the names of a lot of things(imps are now goblins, oddeyes are now gogglers, etc.). The battle stuff and running you can turn off though.

Anthology is another good one to get. It has 5 and 6 on it. In five you are trying to stop the ancient mage X-Death from breaking the seal that's keeping him from this world. 6 is about an empire that is trying to control the world by using magic, which was said to no longer exist.

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Okay, let me get this straight:


Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy II (Japanese-only release )


Final Fantasy V

Final Fantasy VI (was called III in US)

So... was there ever a FF II in the US, and, if so, is it collected anywhere? Also, if FF VI was called III in the US, what was the US FF VI? And where's IV? And what's Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls? Besides new bosses and items, is it still essentially the same FF I and II from Origins?

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OK this is goiong to get conmfusing but here it goes.

Japanese Releases

FF I (same in US)

FF II (not released in US until Orgins set)

FF III (still not released in US)

FF IV (was FF II in US until Chronicles set was released (where it became IV again))

FF V (Not released in US until Anthology set)

FF VI (Was released in US as FF III until Anthology set was released (where it became VI again))

FF VII (from here on in all the games were released under the same name in Japan and US)

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If you want to play Final Fantasy IV, that's the game you'll want to pick up. It's also got another great game in Chrono Trigger on it, which if you haven't played, you should definitely pick this one up.

Final Fantasy III(Japan version) will be rereleased for the first time on the Nintendo DS sometime this year or the next.

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Thanks for all your help, guys.  Now back to my original question: Which game is the best one to start with?

I'd say play Chronicles first.

Origins is a good game, but I wouldn't say that these games are for everybody. There's really not much story to the first FF and that might turn certain individuals off to it who aren't hardcore fans of the series, while FF2 was alright and has a completely different system in which you earn lvl ups, but I was never able to really get into it.

Anthologys would be a great pick-up just for having FFVI alone. While I wouldn't consider it the best FF game out there, it's still one hell of a great game to play. As for FFV, I'd say it was pretty good, but wouldn't call it a great game. There's alot more focus on a class system in it which is alright, but I just never enjoyed it all that much. If you wanna pick up something with all FF games on it, this is probably the one to get.

With Chronicles you get two games that I feel are some the best RPG's out there. Sure, Chrono Trigger(I'm assuming you've never played it) isn't really a FF, but it's an absolutely fantastic game and one of the few that I've actually played through several times in the past. And I think I've already established how I feel towards FFIV. Fucking. awesome. game!

So yeah, I'd say if you only wanted to go with one, give Chronicles(FFIV) a try first. And if you want to go even deeper into the series, go with Anthologys and Origins in that order if you've become a bigger fan.

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Kuja > Sephiroth

And I'm prepared to fight for that.

And I've got your back on that Jim. Completely fucking agree, with both you and Cheap. FF IX is the best one of the Playstation Final Fantasies. It stands as the first game that made me teary eyed, and the first RPG that I actually loved so much that I played through 3 times back to back to back. Awesome.

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