Comic Reel-lief: Ryan Reynolds, Chris Evans, and Lucifer


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Apart from the inevitable minority of nutters that forums and comments pages on the Internet throw up, fan communities are rarely bothered that the guy who played Deacon Frost's second-in-command in Blade is the same guy playing Johnny Blaze's best friend in Ghost Rider. These parts are usually taken by character actors who do not distract from the flow of a film, even if their appearance is virtually identical. The problem usually comes with the higher profile actors and actresses: Halle Berry, Jessica Alba, and Samuel L. Jackson to name a few.

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Is it wrong that I heard Ian's voice as The Devil, and Ian's Batman voice as Scumspawn?

Otherwise a great article on comic movies.

If you were a Radio 4 listener, you'd probably hear Andy Hamilton's voice as Lucifer for copywright-infringing loving homage reasons!

Thanks for the responses - it's nice to get back into the swing of things given how busy this year's been.

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Great article. I always argued it was silly for actors to be more than one comic book character, but my argumentative side spoke up as I was reading your article. Really enjoyable read.

Could the fact that this is happening be an indicator that comics as a source material are becoming more mainstream? Is Gary Oldman playing Jim Gordon and Sirius Black any different to Halle Berry playing Catwoman and Storm?

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