The Deadites vs Audrey II



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The Deadites


Debut: The Evil Dead (1981)

Main weapon: Varies

Other names: Suckheads

Likes: Cackling, souls

Dislikes: Cellars, chins, shotguns


Audrey II


Debut: Little Shop of Horrors (1986)

Main weapon: The power of song

Other names: Twoey, Mean Green Mother from Outer Space

Likes: Harmony, blood

Dislikes: Reshoots

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I may vote later to avoid a shut-out seeing as it was probably me grading Audrey as high in my list as I did that got it into the tourney. But I haven't seen the Evil Dead films, so I don't know much about the Deadites.

What I'll say for the plant is that it manipulates the people around it into either mutilating themselves or turn into killers in order to feed it blood. And they will then try to kill them after a while too. Were the ending not reshot, Audrey II would have conquered the Earth (in line with the musical - the original climax is on youtube in black & white), and to top it all off, the plant sings like Levi Stubbs of the Four Tops fame.

If Des & Dubs are high on the Deadites than maybe Audrey II doesn't have much of a shot in this pairing, but I find her/it to be a compelling villain all the same.

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Yeah, if you had Audrey even one seed lower, she would have been out of the tourney and either The Tall Man or Bateman would have taken this spot.

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