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MGM Formally Offers Lead Remake Of Stephen King’s ‘Carrie’ To Chloe Moretz

BREAKING: After meeting and reading a group of young actresses for Carrie, MGM, Screen Gems and director Kim Peirce have made their decision and made the formal offer today to Chloe Moretz. If negotiations work out, she’ll play the title role in the remake of the Brian DePalma original that was based on the 1974 Stephen King bestseller. She’s expected to play the shy high school student Carrie White, who is raised by a nightmarish religious fanatic mother, and comes to grip with devastating telepathic powers just as she reaches puberty. She eventually uses those gifts for lethal means when fellow classmates use the prom as an excuse to humiliate her before the entire school in a parable about bullying. Sissy Spacek played the character in the first movie, with Piper Laurie playing her mother, and Amy Irving, Nancy Allen, John Travolta, Betty Buckley and William Katt rounding out the cast. Both Spacek and Laurie got Oscar nominations for their work in the 1976 film.

The studio and Peirce have been meeting with actresses for the past two weeks. Word all along was that while names like Dakota Fanning were circulating, Peirce and the studio had an eye on Moretz. The studio denied it at the time, but what actually happened is, Moretz didn’t meet with Peirce until last weekend. She got the job immediately. Moretz, who first came on with performances in Kick-Ass, (500) Days Of Summer and Let Me In, is at the top of the crop of young actresses. Coming off Martin Scorsese’s Hugo, her next major film is the Tim Burton-directed Dark Shadows with Johnny Depp. She’s repped by WME and 3 Arts. Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa wrote the script and Kevin Misher’s producing.

Insiders said that once they make Moretz’s deal, they will focus on landing the psycho mom and supporting cast and they will shoot this year.


Carrie is probably one of my favorite King adaptations. Chloe has proven herself to be a fucking awesome actress the last few years and the fact that they're casting someone who's age appropriate as opposed to someone in their late 20s (I loved you in the original Sissy but you were nearly 30 playing a high schooler.). At the very least, I hope it's better than the Bryan Fuller remake a few years ago. It wasn't bad but totally unnecessary.

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Cool teaser image. I think Moretz could do an awesome job here, as she was great in both Kick Ass and the admittedly unneccessary Let Me In. I think Carrie is a story that could come out very hokey onscreen, aspects of which were true of both the original film and the more recent remake. And I think Will introduced me to footage of the musical......yeah....

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I won't watch the trailer, because I only watch trailers when they're in front of movies I'm seeing in the theatre, but I don't get the idea of a Carrie remake. It's not like there's a lot of material unmined form the original text. In a post-feminist world, it almost seems dated. Unless of course she's going to be a wise-cracking insecure teen who has dialogue that makes her sound like a masters student in her thirties. In which case, kill me now.

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